leave you when the summer comes

Isn’t it funny how one can literally feel when you lose a piece of yourself? Your fingers grasping tightly against the opposing force. They turn such a pale color that it startles you a bit. The force is becoming stronger and stronger. You’re so afraid; you refuse to let go . . . only your fingers are losing their strength.

You didn’t realize when resisting something or someone, one must treat it like a marathon. You start out so strong, but the other runners are quickly thundering past you. It’s okay as you’re able to keep a gust of your strength saved for the finish line.

Suddenly, you gasp as the opposing force snatches your heart in victory and dashes to the finish line. You fall to your knees, clutching your chest. You heart seems to be missing, but you can feel the slight thump . . . thump against your hand. You wonder if you’re imagining it.

The emptiness can be created by anything, and it aches more  when it’s something you least expect. What is this emptiness, you wonder. If you have an emptiness in your soul this is the best time to take time for yourself. Finding things to make yourself happy is the best way to “medicate” yourself. Become better friends with your best friend. This is a great time to find a hobby.

It makes sense to do things that’ll take your mind off of things. It works. Drowning your mind so you can’t take a moment to think too much. Your mind starts to drift, and you realize the things you’ve been drowning into is tainted by your heartbreak. Isn’t it amazing when you are doing something and the slightest thing can remind you of the emptiness? It can be as simple as listening to your favorite song. Everything is tainted.



E. E.


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