mr. sandman walks into a room

As a person, we sound be more mindful.

There is so much hate towards other people that it’s scary. I cannot imagine how someone can build hatred upon hatred on someone they do not even know, or in some cases, a type a person. There are people I know that claim they aren’t homophobic or racist, but their words are actually laced with something different. Those people are so ignorant, they don’t even realize their actual meaning.

I don’t claim to know I am knowledgeable in everything, and I always try to let people know that. When I see things or people, I don’t judge someone on anything but their personality.

I don’t want to say too much on this topic currently other than I am frightened to what this universe will become. One of the nice things about living  in the “olden days” was that there were so many people that left their doors unlocked. Imagine people that feel so safe as to never lock their doors. What happened to that community?

It makes me feel awful that I’m afraid of my newly elected president. I realize I’ll get backlash for saying that and confronting that issue, but it’s my right. Trump is trying to take America back on all the great progress we’ve done. We can’t be made “great again,” because we were never really “great” in the first place.

Have we forgotten what was in our history classes, and all the things never mentioned? This nation has killed so many races and ethnicities. We’ve stolen so many rights of others. Why isn’t there equality? The first person to ever vote was a white male who owned land. There is still so many prejudices in this country; it’s disheartening.



E. E.


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