lost in the silence

It’s February 15, and I never thought about what I wanted my New Year Resolutions to be. I guess the start of the year is always just so busy to me that I never think about it. I have been thinking about it now, wondering what possible thing I’ll claim to do.

I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be someone to claim and promise a ton of things, but a single thing won’t get done. Sure, I would love to lose twenty or thirty pounds, but I know myself. I’ve tried the whole workout for a summer body, and I burnt myself out on that idea very quickly. I still do yoga, but I do it at my own pace.

I’m trying to stop worrying if that someone special will see me and think, “Hey, she looks different. I’ll go see if she’s happy.”

If that someone special did come up to me, I feel like I would forgot how to speak. It wouldn’t happen because he’s so dazzling. No, it’s because that someone is my freckled-face, curly haired boy that I lost. I’m not here to talk about him right now. I’m here to talk about myself.

Myself . . . Yourself . . .

When was the last time you truly took time for yourself? Had a couple of quiet minutes to just think?  That’s my goal. I want to take more time for myself. Whether that be a longer shower or doing yoga everyday. I instructor I follow, Yoga with Adriene, has been a blessing for me. She helps me take a step back and realize how wonderful I actually am.

No matter what society thinks or the catty girls with their whispers or even the boy I lost. I am pretty amazing; everyone is, but not everyone realizes that. I want to people to see how happy I am, and so should you.



E. E.


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