what kind of man loves like this

Another friend and I was talking about what we wanted in relationships. It’s a heavy topic for anyone to tackle, even if it is talked about casually.


I was telling him how I wanted someone to watch movies and television shows with. I wanted someone I could talk to. I want someone who’ll know they can always come to me about things that scare them.

I want someone who’ll kill thee scary bugs for me. I want someone who I can bake for and eat my cupcakes. Someone who will eat the frosting or the cookie dough off my spoon.

My parents are divorced and I wonder why my mom stayed with my father for so long. He cheated on her, his sisters claimed my older sister wasn’t his child, and so much more. I don’t want a relationship like that. My mom’s sister moved to the city when she was in her twenties, and that’s where she met the love of her life: the pink shirt, flip-flop wearing city slicker.

He was wonderful with my aunt. They lived together for years before marrying in the parking lot where they first met. My aunt was the one who hit on my uncle in that parking lot. The two of them lived in a big house in the city, and every summer, I would go stay there. Until three years ago in March, my uncle died from brain cancer.

My uncle always opened doors for my aunt and he always filled up the gas in her car. It was the simple things like that made their love so special. They worked hard for the things they had in life, the both of them together. They were the perfect team. Watching them together has made my expectations of love extremely high.

I try not to be so obnoxious to expect everything, but if I could have half of their love I would be happy. I want someone who will listen to me talk about the books that I’ve read. They may not understand what’s going on, but honestly listening to me is different.

I want a love that someone isn’t afraid to work for everyday.


E. E.


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