first breath after coma

I was a vegetarian for almost three years. I loved it actually.

No one told me I had to become a vegetarian, because it was wrong to eat meat. A lot of people did complain when I didn’t eat meat though.

My boyfriend at the time and my father complained. At first, it was just my father. He said I wasn’t being healthy, and as I’ve begun to eat meat again, my eating habits haven’t really gotten better. I was anemic, and I probably still am even though I’ve started to eat meat again. My boyfriend didn’t really make a big deal about not eating meat, but before we broke up, he tried to get me to start eating meat again. He claimed he wanted to cook it, or take me out some place for some “fancy” meat. I never wanted that, and I still don’t.

I’ve been sick the past week, and I was having a sandwich. My stomach became so sick when I was eating that sandwich, it made me want to stop eating meat again. On campus, it’s hard to find food I’ll eat. For the time being, I won’t be a vegetarian, but I will be a vegetarian eventually.

I generally do not like meat. I’ve always liked having the tiniest bit of turkey for Thanksgiving, and it made it Mom more likely to get turkey for Thanksgiving. I always feel bad when she wants to buy a turkey, but since there is just the two of us. She believes a turkey breast for one person is too much.

I don’t really care if other people eat meat. I never have. I simply do not like it very much. Plus, I can’t bring myself to eat a cute pig.


E. E.



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