now with passion in our eyes

I saw Dirty Dancing on the stage with some great friends a couple of weeks ago.

It was spectacular, and it was a great opportunity to see it. The experience was also an adventure. Our seats were toward the left if you’re looking in the direction of the stage, and they were about in the middle. The were pretty great actually, and there wasn’t any problems to see the production on the stage.

It started 7:30 p.m., and it going well until the house lights flickered back on and the actors disappeared backstage. Someone from the crow’s nest (the technology department) announced for everyone to remain in their seats, and the production was being put on hold for a tornado warning. The auditorium was slowly evacuated and moved into the basement.

For about an hour, we waited in the basement. It wasn’t that bad surprisingly. Everyone chatted, and when the time kept increasing, the backstage crew were incredibly nice and started handing out chairs for people who needed them. The whole situation was handled really nicely.

After that, the show was just . . . wow. The actor that played Johnny was incredibly handsome, and the dancing was so great. I really want to learn how to dance. Of course, I don’t think I’ll ever be at their level, but that’s okay.

I love being able to have the opportunity to see something as special as a play, even if it is a local high school production. Introducing theatre in lives in such an important aspect of life. If I ever had children, I want to take them to as many theatre productions as possible. People are forgetting how important it is to have the arts in their lives. It’s sad.



E. E.


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