you float like a feather

There is this article I found, and I find myself going back to that article to reread it. It’s a BuzzFeed article, and yes, I know, clickbait.

That’s not the point though. It’s “37 Of The Most Heartbreakingly Beautiful Lines In Literature,” compiled by Jamie Jones. It seems that the quotes submitted by the general population, but gosh, a lot of them really do make my heart break. All of the quotes are special in their respective right, but there were a few that I had a better connection to.

“Every night I cut out my heart. But in the morning it was full again.” Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

The imagery in those words, those little words, is gorgeous. I can picture some faceless person, just a silhouette, grabbing a knife of some sorts and painstakingly dig their heart from their chest. They are staring across from two silhouettes: one I imagine to be is a paramour that won’t last past the night, and the other is a lover from the past. The lover from the past is someone who had stolen the heart from the faceless silhouette, and the paramour is merely someone to try to make the pain go away. Those sixteen words makes me want to get my hands on the piece of work. I’ll have to try to. Soon, I hope.

Truly, it is heartbreak that can lead to the destruction of someone. Typically while in a relationship, your self-esteem rises and flourishes into a beautiful piece of artwork. Artwork isn’t a small task. You have to put the effort into it. There are mistakes in art, but if you try, you can create something amazing. Without the effort, the artwork can be ruined.

It’s awful, but things do actually get better. It make seem like you will never leave that dark, drowning tunnel, but it happens.  One day, you will be having an amazing time with your friends or alone. You will be laughing, and you didn’t even notice it at first. It’ll be a strange experience when you realize, but that’s okay.

You will be okay.



E. E.


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